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Resumes are crucial in securing a job. We are here to help!

Tips for creating a resume

Where do you document your industry related experiences? Sometimes words are not enough to explain your past experiences, which is why your binder should be a “best seller”. Your industry related binder helps all future inters and  graduates to better market themselves. Do not leave this key element to the last minute; your hard work deserves to be recognized!

Industry Related Binder Info

Binder Information Video

Recyclemania Video

Networking is a key skill to perfect because this ability allows for new connections to be formed and will help you to secure a job.

Check out some of our suggested tips HERE

Leadership Videos

Brought to you by Ms. Julie Fesenmaier’s Culture and Leadership Group

Featuring: Carolyn Roth, Natasha Saleh, Matt Rodriguez, Tyler Schratwieser and Jake Segal

Performance Orientation

In-Group Collectivism

Power Distance

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