What is Senior Seminar All About?

Montague and Associates is a student run, professionally driven organization that has developed future industry leaders and Temple University Alumni for nearly 20 years. The company is managed by Assistant Dean Jeffrey Montague and operated by his two Senior Professional Development Seminar branches in the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Seniors with interests in Tourism, Hospitality, Sports, and Recreation Management make up the uniquely diverse population of employees at Montague and Associates. Our shared passion for global integration, community support, and developing interpersonal social intelligence is fostered inside and out of classroom. There are no ceilings or barriers restraining our abilities to grow as students, professionals, and as equals. The Senior Seminar gives each student a chance to start taking themselves a little more seriously, and starts using their skills to prepare for the future.
The classroom is run like a business, and the students are treated like employees. We are all working towards a common goal as individuals and as a company. Our purpose in the service industry is to deliver our superb and memorable service to the public, and the world. Now, as seniors and future Alumni of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management, we are here to deliver all of you our genuine and authentic service as your fellow students, peers, and businessmen and women.The world is composed of all walks of life and traditions. As members of Montague and Associates, the Senior Professional Development Seminar, and Temple University, we carry on a tradition that has placed Temple Alumni with careers in nearly 200 countries around the world. We seek to celebrate and share the continuous aging of our family’s roots, our own personal worth, cultural appreciation, and global expansion. This is why our mission is to educate, mentor, and inspire fellow STHM Students and peers to cultivate interpersonal development and global awareness in the class room and in our own everyday lives.

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