Section 1

Section 1 has created their own event, and the Project Committee has planned, organized, and created the Casino Night at the Tower. Their event started from the ground up, and will hopefully be an annual tradition in years to come

Left to right: Nate Fletcher, Taryn Nichols, Courtney Riches, Cory Kling, Otis Massey


Taryn Nichols


Courtney Riches

Nate Fletcher

Otis Massey

Cory Kling

Section 2

Section 2 Project Committee is in charge of developing, organizing and providing a high quality and enjoyable STHM Awards Dinner to alumni, current students, and industry professionals. The evening will celebrate current STHM students accomplishments.

Left to right: Jeff Valli, Regina Smith, Amanda Dinan, Chelsea Feeser, Greg Javardian


Amanda Dinan


Regina Smith

Jeff Valli

Greg Javardian

Chelsea Feeser

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