Our Mission

Our Mission: Our mission is to educate, mentor, and inspire fellow STHM Students and university peers to cultivate interpersonal development and global awareness in the class room and in our own everyday lives. We will connect the university, city, and global community with our own initiatives to raise global awareness, donate to the community, celebrate our cultures, and embrace our life passions with fun and interactive events, programs, fundraisers, and University wide professional development.


Our Vision: We see this company, this class, and this experience not only as developmental podium for teaching professionalism and social intelligence, but to also illustrate to the thousands of other students and peers how to prepare yourself for their own future. The capabilities of what you can accomplish as an individual and as a business professional rest in your own hands, but the amount of resources and guidance you may seek is limitless. We are here to grow and develop on our owns, but to also help you foster your own personal worth and see where it can take you into your careers.


Our Culture: Our culture is to carry on the traditions of the School or Tourism and Hospitality Management and of Temple University, while we celebrate the culture and traditions of the very individuals that make up this incredible academic institution.  No matter what level of academic stature, we are all on our ways to following our life passions and pursuing our professional goals and careers. No matter what continent, country, or city you come from, we are all humans, one in the same. The roots of our own lives, the traditions we carry from generation to generation, culture to culture, and student to student, are the very essence of what makes you, you. Embrace who you are and find out what you can actually do.