Contact Us

Our company is made of 2 branches, each with 10 divisions. If you have any department specific questions, please contact any of the following people:

Darrell Redman-
Samantha Turzanski-

Vice President:
Cory Kling-
Joesph Stoll-

Budget and Finance:
Bentley Flanary-
Najada Merdani-

Taryn Nichols-
Amanda Dinan-

Fundraising and Sponsorship:
Colin Johnson-
Curtis Phair-

Marketing and Social Media:
Jasmin Cabral-
Chelsea Brooks-

Membership and Global Awareness:
Kelsey Stein-
Jason Harper-

Human Resources:
Ryan Straus-
Mernoosh Dabiri-

Tong Vo-
Donnie Myers-

Julie DiCarlo-
Jasmine Dottin-

Website Development:
Philip Jacobs-
Stephen Danno-

Thank you all so much. We really appreciate your cooperation and look forward to hearing from you.