Q&A About Senior Sem

Curious about what goes on in Senior Seminar? Look no further. Below are some questions and pieces of advice that this semesters class would like to leave for future students.

Sum up your Senior Seminar experience in one word: 

“Challenging” – Keyanna Timmons, Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee (Chair)

“Stressful” – Daniel Johnson, Project Committee

“Frustrating” – Kelly Fowler, Marketing Committee

“Attentive” – Colt Dorsey, Website Committee

“Educational” – Christina Bryant, Project Committee

“Tedious” – Leah Gebhardt, Project Committee

“Multi-agency” – Michael Chamberlain

Describe one difficult task and how you accomplished it:

“ The most difficult task I had this semester was balancing my classes while searching for my senior internship. I felt that I was either falling behind in class or not going to meet the deadlines for the approval for senior internship. Once I recognized this problem I spoke with my CSPD advisor and asked how to go about applying and keeping track of my efforts while maintaining class requirements. In result, I created a daily planner with “to – do” tasks, listing what needed to be done for both my classes and my internship. I made sure my daily goals were balanced of both internship and classes and were all realistic to accomplish.” – Bahiah Odeh, Website Committee (Chair)

What was the best takeaway from Senior Seminar? 

” Effective communication is predicated on developing trust and confidence through accountability and reliability. Most of us learned how to communicate effectively with our fellow associates, which has led to a successful semester.” – Tim Vieira, Website Committee

“Always be prepared. Dean Montague and Professor Ridall used this class as a tool to prepare  us for the unpredictability of the real world. It’s important to always prepare for the unexpected. Staying on your toes is not only important in this class, but also in life.” – Colt Dorsey, Website Committee

How has your position helped you grow professionally? 

“My position has helped me grow professionally in several ways. As Vice President I was able to work closely with all associates which helped me enhance my delegation skills while also teaching me the art of leadership. Working close with the CEOs in my position was a great boost in my professional skills. Dean Montague and professor Ridall are very successful and knowledgeable men in the industry and the simple fact I was able to speak with them on a daily basis was a privilege that led to many positive takeaways.” – Scott Rosnov, Vice President

“Being Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair has helped me further enhance my coordinating skills professionally through tasks of delegation and communication. During the planning and implementation processes of our fundraising events, delegating certain tasks to other people and building a level of trust was hard at first. But, I learned how to communicate exactly what I expected and what my committee members needed to complete. This allowed the coordinating process of all our events to run as smoothly as possible.” – Lindsey Crits, Sponsorship and Fundraising Committee (Chair)

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