Global Cultural Awareness Updates

Why is it important to be aware of the different cultures around the globe?

Diversity and inclusion of all cultures is an important value to Montague-Ridall & Associates. Not only does our organization want to acknowledge every culture, but teach our employees and community about these cultures throughout the world.

Throughout this semester, our Global Cultural Awareness committees will educate our employees on current events going on around the world to inform and raise constructive debates in class.

Not only do we want discussions between our classes to arise, but also with our website visitors. In this section we will bring up discussion topics in order to spark interesting conversation about what’s going on in the world!

Below are some presentations that our Global Cultural Awareness committees have presented in class for discussion this semester:

Section 2

World Hunger                                Women Around the World

Gay Marriage                                 Sports Around the World

Capital Punishment

Section 3

Corporate Social Responsibility        Healthcare in Kenya

Chilean Students Riot for Education

Election 2012 Activity

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