Montague Ridall & Associates, through a realistic company environment, will focus on understanding the qualities an industry professional must possess to be successful. We will develop skills and encounter experimental learning that will prepare us for our future endeavors. We will compile the most effective business strategies to ensure our company stays within the budget and maximizes potential revenue. We will accomplish this mission through collaborative efforts of all three sections, CEO Montague, and CEO Ridall.

We hope to become the premier candidates entering into Tourism, Hospitality, Sport and Recreation Industries.

Mission Statement:

“Montague Ridall and Associates is an organization that is lead by students of the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University. Employees are Seniors who have interests in the Sport, Recreation, Tourism, and Hospitality industries. With these interests in mind, the purpose of this organization is to integrate global issues, the local community, and social intelligence to develop a professional and cohesive group of future industry leaders.”

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