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Sunrise Yachts is born of a strong and simple vision: offering luxury yachts from the world’s best yacht designers, built with technical excellence at the fair price level expected by today’s yachtsmen. The yachting industry knows it now: building super-yachts in Turkey simply makes sense. By combining world-class design, engineering and management talent with Turkey’s skilled and competitive workforce, Sunrise established itself as one of the leading yacht builders in the Mediterranean. To offer our clients style, quality and value.



Join Sunrise Yacts!

For the first time, Sunrise Yachts will join the leading luxury event in China, April 5-8, 2012 – with news and designs of special interest to the emerging Chinese market.

For further information, visit www.hainanrendezvous.com
To make an appointment to meet the Sunrise Yachts team, contact Alain Sarfatti in Shanghai at as@sunriseyachts.com.