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2012 Summer Olympics: London UK

There are less than 100 days until the Summer Games! Check out how UK is preparing to welcome athletes and visitors from all around the world!

Journey to London 2012



Syria in a State of Madness

On Sunday there was a bombing in the largest city in Syria, Aleppo. Only three were killed and close to 30 other were injured. This is just another bloody chapter in the ongoing Syrian uprising. (CNN Wire Staff, 2012) reported that over 9,700 people have been killed during the conflict, most of them civilians. In addition (Tarfi, 2011) reported the government has arrested close to 100,000 political prisoners. There has been speculation on which party is responsible for the recent bombings that have been taking place. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem like the conflict will end anytime soon, which means more death and more headlines. Check out the links as well as the video below for more information.


CNN Wire Staff. (2012, March 18). Monday begins with more explosions, gunfire across Syria.
Cable News Network

CNN Wire Staff. (2012, March 16). One year later, syria still boiling. Cable News Network

Tarfi, H. (2011, December 25). Syria releases iranian prisoners to give room for political

detainees: Iranian sources. Al Arabiya News
Link to Video