Committee Sustainability Efforts

mracommitteeffortsHow Are We Individually Going Green?


Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

To contribute to the company-wide “green” initiative, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee will only utilize eco-friendly paper products during all events. To further build upon the idea of being “green”, the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee pledges to ensure our volunteer event will utilize sustainable forms of transportation for all associates. Lastly, the committee will utilize a paperless ticketing system for this event such as Ticket Leap.


Website Committee

In addition to utilizing paperless communication and presentation methods, the Website Committee will work to showcase our efforts and further promote our company-wide “go green” philosophy through the sustainability pages on the Montague-Ridall & Associates website. By spreading the word with this global platform, individuals and organizations inside and outside the Temple University community can gain exposure and motivation to “go green” in their personal and work lives.


Alter Office: William Pfister, Han Kim, Eric Stack (Chair), Katie Cowen, Katie Campbell, Nick Kokiko

Consulting & Quality Control Committee

With sustainability practices spreading across the globe at an unbelievable rate, the tourism, hospitality, sport, and recreation industries are leading this change in all corners of the world. Montague-Ridall & Associates is an organization which maintains strong connections to these industries, and therefore recognizes the importance of sustainability and seeks to ensure each committee operates accordingly. As part of the Consulting & Quality Control Committee, our responsibilities include the assurance of sustainable practices throughout the company. Moreover, we require all documentation –proposal, approval, and evaluation forms – to be recorded and submitted digitally to avoid wasting paper.


Marketing & Social Media Committee

 The Marketing and Social Media Committee will implement sustainable efforts, as web-based marketing will serve as the primary channel for our committee and association. The Marketing and Social Media Committee will share electronic flyers and advertisements via social media and email. In terms of direct selling, we will engage our target audience with face-to-face interaction rather than utilizing mass printed campaigns.


Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget & Finance Committee will contribute to the “green” initiative by making our correspondences as paperless as possible. All budgets will be sent out electronically reducing the use of paper. In addition, withdrawal and deposit slips will be printed on the same sheet of paper to aid in minimizing print material usage.


Global & Cultural Awareness Committee

In accordance with our “green” initiative, the Global & Cultural Awareness Committee will make every presentation paperless, coupled with the utilization of the latest forms of technology to spread awareness of pertinent global issues. Additionally, we will work to further educate all associates about global green trends through our presentations and research.


Brand Management & Strategy Committee

The Brand Management & Strategy Committee has a major role in working with the company’s “green” initiatives. Our committee creates awareness by helping associates, donors, and STHM members identify the environmentally friendly initiatives implemented across Montague-Ridall & Associates. We will assist in identifying greener options in our product range that can help win loyalty among our customer base, find new green customers, and help reduce our organization’s environmental impact.


Project Committee

The Project Committee will commit and contribute to the “green” initiative by utilizing both paperless communication and eco-friendly materials when planning events for Montague-Ridall & Associates. Online communication platforms such as Google Drive, e-mail, and Blackboard will allow the committees to minimize the use of paper and printed materials. Additionally, recycling will be offered at project committee events for use by vendors, students, and staff.


Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee’s “green” initiative  is to primarily distribute “The Network” via our web based platform. Although some printed copies will be made available to STHM students, there will be significantly less printed than in previous years. The main web-based distribution channels for the newsletter include the STHM Weekly Connection email, the STHM website, and the Senior Seminar website.


Research & Sustainability Committee

The Research & Sustainability Committee contributes to Montague-Ridall & Associates “green” initiatives in many ways. As a committee, Research & Sustainability will ensure that MR&A is not wasting supplies, is utilizing electronic versions of printed materials when possible, and recycles at all times. The Research & Sustainability Committee also frequently conducts research to develop new and additional efforts to be “greener.”


Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee

The Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee realizes the significance of being resourceful and sustainable. During the ongoing process of locating and securing sponsors, Fundraising & Sponsorship will make use of e-mail and telephone communication prominent when interacting with potential sponsors and donors. The committee will also make additional efforts to conduct preliminary research, seeking insight into each potential sponsor’s utilization of similar “go green” programs.


Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for enforcing and sending consistent, accurate messages to the entire organization, including a message regarding the importance of sustainability. As a committee, we will institute a strict practice of keeping the employee handbook as an online document to reduce company paper consumption. Human Resources also urges all associates to reduce the amount of paper they use whenever an appropriate means to do so arises. Additionally, we hope to  be recognized as the “greenest” committee at the end of the semester.


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