Employees of the Month




Nicholas Lopez

Nick has done a tremendous job thus far for our organization. He donated his time to help fellow associates with their e-portfolios and personal websites. Along with the e-portfolio support, he also spends countless hours developing the company website with his committee. Nick is a vital member of our organization and we are grateful for his contributions and proud to honor him as employee of the month.



Victoria Noboa

Victoria has gone above and beyond with all tasks assigned to her. She takes the lead on all projects involving creativity and exceeds my expectations with anything she is assigned. In addition, she has done an exceptional job in assisting me with organization of all of the tasks and responsibilities of the committee. Victoria, since day one, has been my one of my biggest helpers on the committee by not only doing what is asked of her, but going above and beyond by assisting me without having to be asked.


 Alex- Employee of Month

Alex Jones

Alex has been one of the biggest contributors to section 3 thus far. Alex took the lead in initiating our Business Card Sales. This has been our main form of fundraising to this point. He has been involved in all aspects of this fundraiser. Alex contacted the vendor, created the designs, promoted to underclassman and sells Business Cards on a daily basis. He continues to be a vital member of the Fundraising Committee.


Emily- Employee of Month

Emily Stocker

Emily has shown great leadership and initiative thus far as Chair of the Website Committee. She leads by example and works to find a solution as conflicts arise. She goes above and beyond her responsibilities, assisting other committees with whatever needs to be done. Emily did a great job set up head-shots for all associates in section 3 and getting them posted on the website. She continues to use creative ways to advertise our event on the website.


Patrycja Sypien

Patrycja Sypien

In recognition of her efforts, Patrycja has been awarded October’s Employee of the Month. She has become a true asset to Section 2 Montague – Ridall Associates for her outstanding leadership as the Chair of the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee. She has embraced her role and continues to help the Association meet our budget goals.





Kenny Yansen

 Kenny has done an excellent job organizing our company’s budget, especially while keeping track with the all of the costs and sources of revenue for the career fair. He’s had to reimburse employees now as well and make sure the fundraising money is dealt with properly. Overall he has remained organized and although there have been bumps in the road, he’s dealt with them and found solutions for them.



Givi Bitsadze

Since day one Givi has displayed his vast knowledge of WordPress and constructing websites. Without him, the Website Development Committee would still be trying to learn the ins and outs of the program. Givi also voices his opinions during every meeting and classroom discussion and does not hold back. He always thinks outside of the box and his ideas aim to challenge each and every one of us. There is no task too big or too small for Givi to help with, and he never turns down helping any associate, no matter what committee they are on. He has even dedicated his time to helping other sections with their website tasks. All in all, Givi truly deserves to be honored and recognized for his contributions to our organization.



Devon Gorson

Devon Gorson has contributed immensely to the association. She has shown leadership within the company by motivating associates to take responsibility in sales and planning. She inspired the associates by demonstrating the importance of involvement from each committee. Devon took initiative within different project and events. Devon has been an essential member of the association and a great leader as the chair of project committee.



Joe Gillin

Joe has been striving to gain exposure to Montague-Ridall & Associates since Day 1, which is something that our organization values immeasurably. He has been in constant contact with the school’s newspaper and online publication, “TempleToday”, in order to extend the reach of the company to the entire Temple student body. Without Joe’s perseverance and hard work, Montague-Ridall & Associates would not be as successful as we are today.


Elizabeth VandeMerkt

After the cancellation of the roast, Elizabeth took initiative with damage control and made sure each associate was communicating the cancellation appropriately. She has shown leadership within her committee as well as the association.


Jamie Lee Clarke

Jamie has shown leadership within the association by organizing the CPR certification. Also, Jamie took initiative by sending a survey for employee engagement during Thanksgiving break. Jamie has been a great asset to the association.