The Network

The Network newsletter will be released every two weeks written and produced by the members of Montague-Ridall & Associates.  The newsletter’s main mission is to provide the School of Tourism and Hospitality and industry professionals with articles about topics that are prevalent in tourism and sport industry.  The newsletter tries to inform STHM on all events and initiatives that senior seminar is developing.  

Issue No. 1

October 2014

The Network Issue No. 1

The Network Issue No. 1


Issue No. 2

November 2014

Newsletter Issue No. 2

The Newsletter Issue No. 2


Issue No. 3

December 2014

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The Newsletter Issue No. 3

Issue No. 4

December 2014

The Newsletter issue No. 4

Issue No. 5

December 2014

Newsletter 5 page 1

The Newsletter Issue No. 5