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Program Prestige

Temple University’s senior seminar class is composed of students in the STHM program. The STHM program is made up of students in the Sport and Recreation Management program and the Tourism and Hospitality Management program and 90 percent of students earn full time positions within three months of graduation.



STHM in the Rankings:

STHM’s Bachelor of Science in Sport and Recreation Management ranks #1 in the nation.

STHM’s Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Hospitality Management ranks #23 in the nation.

“This ranking is a testament to the quality of our School’s diverse and accomplished students; our high-impact, comprehensive curriculum; and our renowned faculty, who engage in cutting-edge research that shapes the classroom experience for our students.” -STHM Associate Dean, Dr. Elizabeth Barber

STHM Graduation Requirements include:

Junior Internship (180 hours required)
Senior Internship (600 hours required)
250 Industry Hours (7 separate experiences)
Passport Acquisition
First Aid and CPR Certification

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