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Executive Board

The Executive Board exemplifies leadership on a daily basis.  They are responsible for making sure that each committee is reaching all of their goals throughout the duration of the semester. The Executive Board strives for unity between the three offices, and is a constant support system for each of the associates.  They act as a direct representation of the CEOs of the association and are always accessible for questions and concerns. Any issues go through the Executive Board, and they will work as a team to figure out the optimal solution.

Budget & Finance 

The Budget and Finance Committee are responsible to keep track of any transactions that are occurring throughout the section. This includes collecting any revenues received by the other committees and dispensing of any expenses necessary. If another committee makes any budgeting changes, it has to be approved by this committee first.  The ideal goal is to keep a close eye on the section’s money flow and make sure the association stays on track of our initial budget goals and end the semester with a respectable profit.


Corporate Social Responsibility

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of Montague-Ridall and Associates strives to improve the quality of life for both the employees and the local community. As a committee, we are responsible for organizing events that will increase each employee’s environmental and social well-being. Our goal is to strengthen ties with the alumni through the Alumni Panel and create greater bonds with our current employees and the past employees. We also hope to better each employee’s experiences through acts of service. Working in a diversified environment during these acts of service will provide associates with a clear understanding of the way that a community impacts a business. Additionally, employees will gain personal growth upon completion of the CPR and First Aid certification program.


Fundraising & Sponsorship

The Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee is responsible for raising money for the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management’s International Travel Scholarship as well as for Senior Seminar related events. All sections are committed to raising as much money as possible through various fundraising opportunities and sponsorship agreements.  Each section will work together to meet the goals of Montague-Ridall & Associates as a whole in a structural and professional way.


Global Cultural Awareness

The Global Cultural Awareness Committee is responsible for educating the associates on the importance of cultural and global awareness through weekly presentations. The committee strives to help the associates to expand their knowledge on current global events and how it has an impact on the industry. The committee also is in charge of informing the associates of the industry professional conferences and organizations that everyone must join and attend at least one by the end of the semester.


Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee is responsible for making sure all associates understand their role within their assigned committee. They are also responsible for enforcing all rules, guidelines, policies and the handling of all discipline inside the office of Montague-Ridall & Associates. Human Resources committee plays an important role in making sure all employees in the office are working together towards one common goal and creating an environment of support and collaboration. Finally, this committee must make sure all employees have or have applied for a passport by the end of the semester.



The Marketing Committee’s goal for Montague-Ridall & Associates is to expand the awareness and exposure beyond the scope of STHM. We want to also increase the participation level in our events in regards to the underclassmen. If they are able to attain these goals, this committee will reach our third goal, which is to help increase revenue drawn in by advertising and promoting the association’s events to these audiences. It is our duty to ensure the public image of this association is branded appropriately and professionally with regards to employee conduct, advertising, and sponsorship. While instituting more innovative and creative initiatives into their marketing design, they can establish a stronger social media presence and expand the association’s brand recognition among industry professionals in the Philadelphia region.



The mission of the fall 2015 Montague-Ridall & Associates Newsletter Committee is to work cooperatively drawing on the strengths of each committee member to produce an innovative and informative newsletter, which reflects and fosters the diversity and unique qualities of the STHM program. The newsletter is the window through which the Montague Ridall and Associates program may be viewed. Like the STHM program, it must serve the needs of its many constituencies including students, potential, past, and current, professors, vendors and the Greater Philadelphia hospitality industry as a whole.



As a collective team, the Project Committee Chair’s goal throughout this semester is to embody what we’ve learned throughout the years by orchestrating events that demonstrate the core values of Senior Seminar. Section 1’s Career day will represent the seminar’s dedication to professional development through networking with industry professionals, exemplifying our core values. Section 2’s Semi-Formal will replicate utilizing each other’s resources by connecting with industry professionals. This will embody the seminar’s core value of social intelligence through relationship building. Section 3’s appreciation luncheon will exhibit ethical principles and professionalism as it relates to our overall development. This event will embody the respect and values that Temple and STHM has taught us throughout the years. Through these experiences, the Project Committee Chairs will foster the transition from the classroom to the boardroom.


Quality Control

The mission of Quality Control and Brand Management is to ensure that Montague-Ridall & Associates represents and maintains the respected name and image it has gained over the years. We aim to achieve this by guaranteeing that quality products are distributed to the public in a professional manner. Our goal is to assist our associates in enhancing professionalism, maintaining open communication, preventing failure and mistakes, and protecting our reputable brand.



As the official digital representation for Montague – Ridall & Associates, the Website committee sets out to be a professional outlet for the world to see what the organization is all about. We work closely with all committees to promote awareness of any events, news, and initiatives for MR&A and what they achieve throughout the organization. It is the goal of the committee to keep every associate involved and informed about all functions of the association and to create a platform for healthy conversation and connection.

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