Executive Board

As the Executive Committee, the President and Vice President have the responsibility of focusing on various aspects of Montague-Ridall & Associates, while ensuring the success of the organization. Through communication, we oversee all committees and are committed to creating a safe environment that allows our associates to thrive and work towards a common goal. Together, we foster the growth and development of ideas and work to maintain a dynamic company culture.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee of Montague-Ridall & Associates has the responsibility of making sure that all associates are maintaining the standards and following the policies that are put into place. This committee will make sure that each associate understands their role in each of their committees and that everyone is working together to reach our common goal. The Human Resource Committee will work together in making sure the semester runs as smoothly as possible. They will also make sure that all associates have a passport by the end of the semester.


The vision of the Marketing Committee is to be known as a successful tool in raising awareness on the Montague-Ridall & Associates brand. Our main goal is to maximize on awareness and interest to the entire Temple University community and organizations outside the school about who Montague-Ridall & Associates are, as well as what we do. We also want to attract as many attendees as possible to all of our Association’s events as well as STHM’s events. In order to accomplish our vision and goal, we will utilize Social Media Websites, as well as creating and posting flyers and poster boards about fundraisers and events around campus.


As the 2015 Montague Ridall and Associates Newsletter Committee we are striving to establish our own personal brand of a newsletter that sets us apart from previous seminars. We will portray the utmost confidence in the stories that are chosen regardless if they stick to the status quo or appear controversial. Our vision is to create a newsletter that harmoniously creates a favorable perception of Montague-Ridall and Associates, provides beneficial information for underclassmen and potential STHM students, and positively represents STHM as a whole.

Global Cultural Awareness

This committee is responsible for preparing weekly presentations to educate the organization on the importance of global cultural awareness. The committee is also in charge of researching industry professional conferences and organizations that our associates must join and attend. In addition to research, this committee must also keep track of associates’ conference and organization attendance and membership.

The Global Cultural Awareness Committee is responsible for ensuring that the associates understand the importance of global awareness. Our duties include researching stories about projects and events that are happening in the Tourism, Hospitality, Sport and Recreation industries and how they pertain or could possibly affect us as we strive to pursue careers in these industries. In addition, we will inform the company about upcoming seminars and conferences that span all disciplines of STHM (Sport & Recreation and Tourism & Hospitality) and keep track of associates’ membership to professional organizations and attendance to conferences and seminars.

Three specific goals that the Global Cultural Awareness Committee strives to achieve by the end of the semester includes;1- To be creative and innovative with each presentation to ensure that we keep the associates engaged and informed. 2- To progressively improve the committee members’ confidence in public speaking. 3- To develop the committee’s strategic thinking skills by viewing information from a broader and business perspective. In order to accomplish these goals, the Global Cultural Awareness Committee will ensure that open lines of communication exists between the members and everyone understands what is expected on an individual and team basis.

Project Committee

The Project Committee Montague-Ridall & Associates is committed to designing, planning, executing, and learning from a successful event.  This committee will ensure that young professionals in Temple University’s School of Tourism and Hospitality Management program will have the opportunity to learn from experienced industry professionals as they begin to achieve their career goals.  The Project Committee will work together in an organized manner encouraging each member to be an active committee participant where innovative ideas will be valued and heard and learning new event planning skills is expected.  This committee will also coordinate their efforts in a timely manner with other Senior Seminar committees so each event runs smoothly and cohesive when it takes place.


Our aim is to raise funds for both the STHM International Scholarship and Joy Juice Inc. with the help of commercial brand sponsorship and fundraisers operated by our company this semester than any other Senior Seminar class has in the past. Both sections committees are tremendously dedicated and motivated in doing so. We plan to have a snack sales table every day of the week in at least two buildings around campus. Our vision is to position ourselves in the areas that have the most foot traffic per day, and to capitalize on the hungry students. Both sections will be conducting multiple fundraising efforts throughout the semester that are different and unique. We want to do things that previous Senior Seminar classes haven’t done before. In regards to sponsorships, we plan on utilizing guerilla marketing, in the sense that committee members will be reaching out to as many companies as they can. Through our collective efforts, I have no doubt in my mind that this will be one of the most successful Senior Seminar classes yet!


We as the Budget and Finance Committee of Montague-Ridall & Associates, strive to provide financial excellence for the Association. We are in place to offer financial planning and budgeting to keep the welfare of the Association intact. Our goal is to keep information organized and up to date while using our best judgment to make beneficial decisions regarding funding for the association.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As the Corporate Social Responsibility Committee of Montauge-Ridall and Associates, we strive to provide opportunities for employees to better themselves while, also impacting the employees around them, positively. Our Committee is focused on providing events that will maximize employee’s knowledge on social issues. Our Vision is to provide employees with the ability to improve professionally and personally within the community.

The Corporate Social Responsibility Committee is responsible for the CPR and First Aid Certification of all current employees of Montague-Ridall and Associates. We are also in charge of organizing a volunteer event for all employees to participate in within the community. Lastly, we will organize the Alumni Panel that will consist of STHM Alumni that will give current associates insight on live after college and value career advice on how to succeed within the industry.

Quality Control

The Quality Control and Brand Management committee strives to protect the company brand and image, and control circulation of information that flows from the association to the public. The committee has goals for the semester, which include: ensuring that all material is returned in a timely manner, preserving the brand image, assisting the association in becoming a more sustainable enterprise and keeping in direct communication with all committees.


The website committee strives to professionally display Montague and Ridall Associates to the cyber community. The website committee has a commitment to be efficient and precise with information released to the public. We work closely with all committees of Montague Ridall & Associates to promote awareness of any events, news, and initiatives.

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