Office 2

Budget and Finance

Abby Reff, Chair


Abby is a tourism and hospitality management major with a concentration in hospitality operations. She is  originally from a small town called Creamery in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Abby completed her  junior internship with the Radisson Hotel Philadelphia Northeast where she worked in front office. The experience was amazing, and she met some wonderful people that have helped me further my career. Abby was honored to be chosen as the chair of the Budget and Finance Committee. This is exciting because she enjoy numbers and analytics, and her future career goal is to work in finance, accounting, or revenue management. If Abby could have dinner with any person, she would choose Walt Disney. His creativity, positive attitude, and love for the people around him is what inspired her to attend Temple’s School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality.

James Orler


 James is from San Diego, California. His major is sport and recreation management with a minor in general business studies. James completed his junior internship with the Philadelphia Flyers as the Ticket Office Intern. He is looking for a job as a business development coordinator for a professional sports team. If James could have dinner with anyone living or deceased, it would be Tony Gwynn.