Office 2


Jenna Sollberger, Chair


 Jenna is a senior in the sport and recreation management program at Temple University. Growing up in the small town of York, Pennsylvania, she knew since a young age that she belonged in a big city. Upon graduating high school and falling in love with the atmosphere that both Temple and Philadelphia had to offer, she decided it was time to part with playing sports and develop that passion from on the field into something new. Once enrolled in STHM, Jenna also realized her love for the events industry and since then has taken several courses that have helped to develop the Tourism and Hospitality side of her degree as well. Her junior internship with the Harrisburg Senators, a semi-pro baseball team, gave her a glimpse of what events within sports look like; after college, she hopes to be able to thrive in a work environment that encompasses both sports and events on a large scale. If she could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, she would choose Michael Jordan. Going from being arguably the best basketball player of all time to an extremely successful entrepreneur, she would love to tap into his knowledge of the industry and hear about how he took his passion for the game and transformed it into something new.

Sarah Adden


Sarah is from Yardley, Pennsylvania. She chose to major in tourism and hospitality management major with a concentration in event management with a general business minor. Sarah completed her junior internship at Focus Pointe Global, a nationwide marketing research facility as a client service representative.  Soon to be graduating from Temple, Sarah hopes to build a career within the event industry, a field she is  very passionate about.  Sarah is aiming to work for a private event agency or working events in major hotel chains.  Once she has gained enough experience, her goal would be to own her own business.  Lastly, Sarah would choose to have dinner with her grandfather who passed away a few years ago.  He always encouraged Sarah to be the best person she could be and she would love the chance to talk with him again.

Joshua Feinberg


 Josh is a tourism and hospitality management major with a concentration in hospitality operations. Josh was born originally in North Jersey and moved to West Long Branch, NJ right near the Jersey Shore. Josh completed his junior internship at the Greater Philadelphia Hotel Association and he also completed an additional internship the past summer in housekeeping at Marriott Fairway Villas in Galloway, NJ. After college Josh plans to pursue a career as a manager for a hotel company. One person Josh would want to have dinner with would be Lauren Conrad, because she is an inspiration to him as she has accomplished so much in her twenties and thirties.

Erin Johnson


 Born and raised in Washington, DC, Erin is senior majoring in sport and recreation management with a concentration in governance and policy. She completed her junior internship with Temple University Athletics in the Office of Compliance and Student-Athlete Affairs. Upon obtaining her degree, Erin plans to pursue a career with a college football team in the player development or player personnel department, with a long term goal of eventually becoming Athletic Director. She also plans to pursue a master’s degree, as well as a PhD. If she could have dinner with one person alive or deceased it would probably be with Kevin Hart. She thinks it will be a funny dinner and would look forward to the jokes and laughs.

Dan Roper


 Daniel is a sport and recreation management major with a concentration in governance and policy. Dan was born in Santa Monica, CA and has moved around quite a bit, including stays in France, State College PA, and Massachusetts. His family currently resides in Groton, MA. Dan completed his junior internship at Philadelphia University as an Intercollegiate Athletic Recruiting intern. After college, Dan plans to pursue a career in college athletics, more specifically in basketball operations for a Division I program. The long term goal is to turn that position into an opportunity to coach basketball at the collegiate level. One person that Dan would have the pleasure to have dinner with is Bill Russell, legendary player and coach of the Boston Celtics. He would love to pick his brain about the sport and learn from all his life experience. Plus, how cool would it be to have dinner with Bill Russell?

Caleb Woolley


 Caleb is a sport and recreation management major with a concentration in governance and policy. Caleb was born and raised in the Philadelphia area, growing up in Lower Merion, PA. He completed his junior internship this past spring as a Recreation Intern with Upper Merion Parks and Recreation, located in King of Prussia, PA. After college, Caleb plans to pursue a career in the recreation field, with a focus on outdoor sport and environmental education. One person he would want to have dinner with would be Dan Wenk, who is the Superintendent at Yellowstone National Park. The outdoors are a passion of Caleb’s and getting the chance to learn more about Mr. Wenk’s path and experiences leading up to becoming in charge of one of America’s greatest parks would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.