Office 2

Global Cultural Awareness

Najai Brown, Chair


 Najai Brown is from the Philadelphia area. She is in school of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management, majoring in sport and recreation management. Najai is the chair of Global Cultural Awareness committee. Najai completed her junior internship with Temple athletics in the operation and facilities management department. After Najai graduates she hopes to work in basketball operations. If Najai could have dinner with anyone it would be her grandmother who passed away before she was born.

Andre Gagnon


 Andre lives in Levittown, Pennsylvania. He is a student at Temple University in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. His junior internship was at the Holiday Inn Express Downtown in the Front Desk department, which gave him a first hand look at the Opera system. Andre is on the Global Cultural Awareness committee of MRB and Associates. The job he hopes to get out of college is working in the Human Resources department of either the theme park or hotel field. If Andrew could have diner with anyone, it would be Bob Iger who is the CEO of The Walt Disney Company. He would like this because theme parks are his passion and would love to hear his experiences in the business.

Iris Wang


Iris is originally from Taiwan.  Iris moved to the United States when she was twelve years old.  Her real name is TzuYun, but everyone calls her Iris.  She chose her name because she learned English at a young age as part of her education in Taiwan.  She was given an American name, but then later Iris chose to pick her own.  Iris is currently a senior at Temple University major in tourism and hospitality management and minor in accounting.  She is now part of Montague, Ridall, Blackburn and Associates as a member of Global Cultural Awareness Committee.  Iris completed her junior internship at a Taiwanese and Sichuan Cuisine named DanDan.  Her goal after graduation is to become an Event Manager or take part in a Management Training Program working at hotels or an institution.  If there was one person she could have dinner with, it would be her grandmother from Taiwan.