Office 2

Fundraising & Sponsorship

Alyssa Palo, Chair


Alyssa is originally from Lansdale, PA. She currently live in Philadelphia, where she is studying tourism and hospitality management with a concentration in event leadership at Temple University’s School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management. She is the Fundraising and Sponsorship Committee Chair for Office Two of Montague, Ridall, Blackburn & Associates. She completed her junior internship at Cashman & Associates, a public relations agency in Old City, Philadelphia. Upon graduation, Alyssa will be seeking a career as an Event Planner, focused on social and community events, both large and small. If Alyssa had the opportunity to have dinner with anyone, living or deceased, She would choose Amy Poehler. She admires her as a business woman, community leader, and role model for young girls, and has no doubt she would be laughing the whole time!

Elena Hooven


 Elena is from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Her major is sport and recreation management with a concentration in governance and policy. Over the summer, she completed her junior internship with the athletic department at West Chester University. Coming out of college, she hopes to attain a job in either player relations, or corporate sponsorship within Major League Baseball. If Elena could have dinner with one person it would definitely be Audrey Hepburn.

Patrick McMullen


Patrick is from East Brunswick, New Jersey. He is studying sport and recreation management with a concentration in governance and policy. He completed his junior year internship at La Salle University in their facilities and athletic operations department, but he hopes to start a career in ticket sales upon graduation. If he could have dinner with anyone in the world that is either living or deceased, Patrick would pick Muhammad Ali. He is a huge fan of combat sports and would love to talk to Muhammad Ali about the adversity he had to overcome and the importance of standing up in what you believe in.

Jacob Stein


 Jacob is from West Windsor, New Jersey and is a sport and recreation management major. He completed his junior internship at the Sport Industry Research Center at Temple University, where he helped with ongoing research projects as well as worked on a start-up sport website, Athlete CRUSH. Coming out of college, Jacob is looking for jobs in the operations and marketing departments for professional sports teams. If he could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, he would have dinner with Theo Epstein to learn more about his path to where he is now and how he has learned to develop and execute long term plans.

Kendall Zeswitz


 Kendall is from Lititz, PA. She is a sport and recreation management major with a concentration in event leadership. She completed her junior internship with the Philadelphia Freedoms, one of the six professional tennis teams in the world. If she could have dinner with anyone in the world it would be Wim Hof otherwise known as the “Iceman”. He has broken so many world records including climbing Mt. Everest in only a pair of shorts and has trained his body to not feel the cold temperature. She think he is a fascinating person and would just love to hear him talk.