Office 2

Human Resources

Abigail Hartman, Chair


 Abigail Hartman is a tourism and hospitality management major at Temple University with a concentration in hospitality operations. Abigail completed her junior internship at Craft bar, Restaurant, and Catering focusing on event operations. After receiving her degree from the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management, she wishes to work for a cruise line and possibly purse cruise ship management. If Abigail could have dinner with any person living or deceased it would be Alfred Hithcock because she loves all of his movies and his eccentric personality would make a good dinner date.

Erik Toms


 Erik was born in Philadelphia and has lived there his entire life. He currently resides in Fairmount, Philadelphia. His major is sport and recreation management but before that, it ranged from Marketing to Radiology.  After college, he would like work in a position where he can create his own schedule. If he could have dinner with anyone it would be his grandfather.