Office 2


Michael Anthony Jr, Chairimg_1887

 Michael is a sport and recreation management major with a concentration in sport and recreation promotion. Michael is from Havertown Pennsylvania in Delaware County. Michael completed his junior internship with Temple University’s Football team within Recruiting Operations. Michael is an assistant high school football coach at Haverford High School. This is his 2nd season where he coaches the Defensive Line and Tight Ends.  His career aspiration is to work in premium sales for a professional sport franchise. If Michael could have dinner with any person, he would choose Tom Brady, quarterback for the New England Patriots. Michael loves Tom’s commitment to his family, his passion for football, and would ask Tom how he has maintained an elite level of play throughout a 16 year NFL career. Michael also appreciates Tom’s hard work and dedication to the sport Michael is passionate about too. 

Michael Garuccio


Michael  is the Vice President for Senior Seminar Office Two, while also being a member of the website committee. He is born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. Michael is a sport and recreation management major. He works for the Philadelphia Phillies in Clubhouse Operations, and hopes to continue his post-graduate career in a similar field. One person Michael would like to have dinner with would be Frank Sinatra, he was a man who truly got the most out of life and was a pleasure to be around. Both are qualities Michael tries to live out.

Leah Lucas


Leah is a sport and recreation management major from Thousand Oaks, California. Leah completed her junior internship with United Sports Training Facility in the League Department. She currently works in sales with Bownet Sports and wishes to further her career in Sales Management come graduation. If Leah could have dinner with any person, alive or dead, she would choose Oprah Winfrey.