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Bryan Russo, Chair


Bryan is a sport and recreation management major from Avoca, Pennsylvania. He completed his junior internship with Temple University Women’s Volleyball, as an Operations Intern, in the fall 2015. After graduating from Temple, Russo hopes to work in the ticketing or fan service department of a professional or collegiate sports organization. If he could have dinner with one person, it would be with NASCAR Hall of Famer, Mark Martin.

Brian Reifsnyderimg_1870

 Brian is from Philadelphia, PA with a major in sport and recreation management and a concentration in governance and policy.  He was able to complete his junior internship at Father Judge High School, acting as the assistant Athletic Director under James P. Lynch and is looking for a job either as an Athletic Director for a D-I University or working in the front office of a professional sports team, preferably Major League Baseball.  There are a few people that he would thoroughly enjoy having dinner with, however Brian thinks it would be enlightening to have dinner with former Philadelphia Phillies General Manager, and current Boston Red Sox first base coach, Ruben Amaro Jr.  The main subject would be about his transition from a GM to being a coach, what was difficult; are there aspects to the job that you did not anticipate when you were hired? Also he would like to ask him which position he enjoyed more.  

Yaqin Wang


Yaqin is the chair of Newsletter committee. She is originally from China, this is her third year of study in the U.S. She did her junior internship back in her hometown at DoubleTree by Hilton Shenyang, China. She likes hotel operations and is especially interested in food & beverage and revenue management, so that will be her career focus after graduation.   A person that she would want to have dinner with, would be her deceased grandpa. Her grandpa always told her to work hard and be a good person. She wasn’t there when he passed away because she was studying abroad at the time, so she would really want to tell him that she didn’t let him down. She grew up as the way he raised her to and climbed her way to an American University and is about to graduate now, and she will fight for her future like he wanted.