Office 3


Jill Johnson, Chair


Jill Johnson is from Aston, Pennsylvania. After spending her first year at Temple undecided, she declared a major in tourism and hospitality management. She has completed her junior internship this past summer at The Hub Centers for Meetings and Collaboration, a corporate meeting space in Center City, where she was able to gain her first experiences working in the event industry. She loves the industry because it is dynamic and challenging and she loves having room for creativity in her work. She hopes to work in planning high end events in the future and currently is interning with a wedding planner as well as working front-of-house at Temple Performing Arts Center.

Brian Dougherty


Brian Dougherty is a senior in the School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality at Temple University. Brian is majoring in sport and recreation management. He was raised in Royersford, Pennsylvania; a nearby suburb of Philadelphia. He completed his junior internship at Philadelphia Parks Alliance, a non-profit organization that acts as an intermediary between Philadelphia Parks and Recreation and city funding. Brian’s interest in sport is what brought him to Temple University and he plans to work in the professional sports realm.  His interests range from attending live music venues in a bustling city like Philadelphia to spending time camping deep in the woods.

Kristina Pasquarello


Kristina Pasquarello is from Allentown, PA. She is majoring in tourism and hospitality management with a concentration in event leadership.  Kristina completed her junior internship at The Franklin Institute in the development department which exposed her to a different side of the hospitality and events industry. When she’s not busy with school or work she can probably be found doing yoga or sleeping.  Although she has no idea what her life will look like a year from now, she hopes to one day work for a nonprofit organization with an event production role. Her ultimate dream is to live and work in London.