Executive Board

The Executive Board is responsible for ensuring the organization is striving toward a common goal. The President and Vice President will be responsible for making the office run daily, & they will supervise the operations of all committees within Montague, Ridall, Blackburn, & Associates.

Budget & Finance Committee

The Budget and Finance Committee is responsible for the financial procedures of the company. The committee is responsible for compiling a budget for the organization & controlling all business transactions for Montague, Ridall, Blackburn, and Associates.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

The Corporate Social Responsibility committee is responsible for creating and implementing a community outreach program, which gives associates an opportunity to volunteer and give back to the community. The committee also organizes an Alumni Panel, and a First Aid / CPR training session, and a Bridge Event for the next generation of Associates.

Fundraising & Sponsorship Committee

The Fundraising and Sponsorship committee is responsible for raising the money needed for Montague, Ridall, Blackburn & Associates. This is  accomplish this through fundraising opportunities and sponsorship deals. The committee seeks to motivate Associates to ensure company goals are met in a professional way.

Global Cultural Awareness Committee

The Global Cultural Awareness committee educates associates on current issues across the world and provides information on current events within our industry. They are also responsible for verifying professional organization membership and conference attendance of all associates.

Human Resources Committee

The Human Resources Committee is liable for creating and enforcing all rules and regulations set forth in the Associate Handbook. They help associates understand their roles in their respective committees and help to create a collaborative work environment. They are also responsible for ensuring all associates have a valid passport, so that no career opportunity is out of reach.

Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee will oversee promotional aspects of all the events and endeavors in the organization to the target audiences of the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management and Temple Community. The committee will develop a comprehensive marketing plan to ensure their goals are achieved.

Newsletter Committee

The Newsletter Committee is responsible for creating an the organization’s newsletter publication, The Affiliate. They collaborate with all Associates to create a total of five newsletter, one being translated into a foreign language, that are both printed and distributed electronically.

Project Committee

The Project Committee is accountable for planning and executing their Office’s main event, coordinating logistics before, during, and after the event. Office One produces a Career Fair for the School of Sport, Tourism, and Hospitality Management community, Office Two focuses on a Semi-Formal for the Associates and guests of the organization, and Office Three’s event seeks to be a networking opportunity for all associates.

Quality Control & Brand Management Committee

The Quality Control and Brand Management Committee works towards protecting the company image and brand by reviewing and approving the circulation of information that is produced by the association and presented to the public. They ensure that the organization is represented in a professional manner and is responsible for protecting the brand created by Montague, Ridall, Blackburn, and Associates.

Research & Sustainability Committee

The Research and Sustainability Committee is responsible for making sure the efforts of all committees in the organization will be sustainable. They seek to assist associates in ensuring their personal and professional sustainability and foster environmentally sustainable initiatives within the company. The committee will also assist in research efforts to improve the organization as a whole.

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for producing, publishing, and maintaining the organizations online platform. The website will contain information on the company’s values, goals, initiatives, Associates, events, and accomplishments and allows the organization to have a global reach. They will ensure that each Associate has their own personal website to assist them in building and marketing their brand.