President and Vice President

The President and Vice President have the role of making sure that the entire organization is working towards a common goal.  They are to oversee all of the committees and make sure that the whole company runs smoothly.

Budget Committee

This committee oversees all financial procedures. They also manage and allocate monies necessary to implement any event.  They have unprecedented authority of all transactions for Montague-Ridall & Associates.

Corporate Social Responsibility Committee

This committee is responsible for organizing the First aid/CPR sessions for the entire class.  They have to organize a minimum of 3 volunteer opportunities for the class.

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising plays a vital role at Montague-Ridall & Associates.  This committee is responsible for all fundraising activities, which is the foundation of our class.

Global & Cultural Awareness Committee

The focus of this committee is to help all employees heighten their global awareness. This group must also keep track of students’ memberships to professional organizations.

Human Resources

The Human Resources Committee has the responsibility of making sure that all employees understand their roles in their committees and that all committee members work together towards one common goal.They also must make sure everyone has a valid passport by the end of the semester.

Marketing Committee

This committee must promote Senior Seminar’s various events and endeavors to the STHM and Temple community. A strategic plan for Montague-Ridall & Associates must be developed. This committee is also responsible for creating professional guidelines for all employees’ social networking pages (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and enforcing these guidelines.

Newsletter Committee

Five newsletters are to be created during the semester focusing on undergraduate issues, STHM activity, and Senior Seminar productivity. The newsletters will be produced and distributed, and additionally posted online.

Project Committee

All committees are working towards one goal, to make a seamless and successful event.  The Project Committee will facilitate the logistics for the event, before, during, and after.

Quality Control Committee

The Quality Control and Brand Management committee strives to protect the company brand, image, and control the circulation of information that flows from the association to the public. The committee has goals for the semester, which include: ensuring that all material is returned in a timely manner, preserving the brand image, assisting the association in becoming a sustainable enterprise and keeping in direct communication with all committees.

Website Development Committee

This committee is responsible for creating, publishing, and maintaining the website of Montague-Ridall & Associates. This task is especially important because it is one of the organization’s global presence practices.