Office One

DierdreChair: Deirdre Connell

Where are you from?

Hatboro, PA

What is your birthday?

March 31

What are your career goals?

I want to work in a large convention hotel and eventually move up to be the Director of Rooms. I have an interest in sales and marketing so that could be a career path within hotels as well.

Where do you most want to travel?

I would go anywhere. Any travel opportunity that comes to me, I take it! I would really like to do more traveling within Europe.

Are you a sport or tourism major?

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Where did you do your junior internship?

The Sheraton Seattle Downtown as a Rooms Rotational Intern

LuigiLuigi Raimondo

Where are you from?

I was born in Acri, Italy and moved to the US when I was 5 years old, where I grew up in Upper Darby, PA.

What is your birthday?

February 3

What are your career goals?

To either build an excellent football program at an unknown university or to be a General Manager in the NFL.

Where do you most want to travel?

I would like to go back to Italy. It has been a few years since I have last been there and I would like to see a lot of my family members that live there.

Are you a sport and tourism major?

Sport and Recreation Management

Where did you complete your junior internship?

Temple Football Recruiting