Employee of the Month



 Cecilia Gunawan- Fundraising and Sponsorship Chair

Cecilia played a huge role in the success of Montague-Ridall and Associates. Her hard work and creativity helped her and her team put on successful fundraising events. Her outstanding fundraising efforts and dedication to our company proved she was the best choice for Employee of the Month for April.



Kyle Davenport– CSR Committee

Kyle is an essential part of the Montague-Ridall and Associates team. His work ethic and passion allowed our annual Alumni Panel to be a great success, which proved he was the best choice to be our Employee of the Month for March. Kyle continues to work hard to ensure all our associates volunteer and give back to the local community.



Allyson Gore– Marketing Chair

Allyson has been working hard in and out of the office and we are proud to have her as a part of our team. Due to Allyson’s work ethic and her strong leadership qualities, she was awarded Employee of The Month. Allyson continues to work hard to ensure we will be successful.